Biratnagar Airport is a domestic airport located in Biratnagar serving Morang District, Province No. 1, Nepal. Biratnagar Airport is the third busiest airport in Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Kathmandu to Biratnagar flight ticket cost

AirlineClassFare (Including Tax)
Nepal & India
Foreigner (Including Tax)
BUDDHA AIRY/A/B/D/C/ERs.7200/Rs.6500/Rs.5800/Rs.5200/Rs.4800/Rs.4700$109
YETI AIRLINESN/Y/G/F/S/H/E1Rs.7100/Rs.6500/Rs.5800/Rs.5400/Rs.500/Rs4700$109
SHREE AIRLINESH/I/B/E/S/TRs.7150/Rs.6450/Rs.5850/Rs.5250/Rs.4850/Rs.4700$109
SAURYA AIRLINESN/O/P/Q/R/SRs.7165/Rs.6700/Rs.5900/Rs.5300/Rs.4900/Rs.4700$110

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